Aviation Masks Take Flight

We've been gathering some new material to make our Face Masks this week including some exclusive and specific material for aviation themed masks. 

Having some special aviation themed fabric led to a couple of purchases from the close knit aviation community in Ireland. The next thing we know, we are featured on one of the Irish Aviation websites! 

Here is the link to Flying In Ireland article: https://flyinginireland.com/2020/05/aviator-face-masks/?fbclid=IwAR3P7QINbY0J3k_QZT41PKfYuRyJInmwjbEuMPGVBUG_L71wL423lJmhB3g

Some want to be featured in Vogue but we are delighted to be featured in Flying In Ireland. A big thanks to all the aviators who have purchased our masks! 



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