Customised or Branded Masks Now At Bella Boo

At Bella Boo Makes we've been making masks now for almost five months. We've donated 100's of masks to local hospices, carers networks and even made scrubs for hospitals. 

We also make masks for lots of family, friends and customers all over Ireland. We've had the pleasure to make masks for some companies, clubs and groups. 

We can offer customised masks made from customised fabric for example we had some aviation themed fabric for flying clubs and aeronautical engineers.


And even some fabric for the electronic engineers and developers. Very popular recently. 

Drop us an email and we can discuss any needs you might have for themed fabric masks. 

We also have equipment for putting vinyl logos on masks. So if you have a logo you would like put on a plain fabric for your staff or for PPE on your site just let us know. 


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