A few questions you may have: 

What are our masks like? 

They are made from 100% cotton in a double layer with a binding and an elastic ear strap on each side in a complementary colour. 

What is a filter pocket ? 

It is a small pocket in the mask where you can pop a little filter. The wearer can install a polypropylene filter between the two layers of tightly woven cotton to aid efficacy.  

It requires some extra sewing so at Bella Boo Makes we charge a flat fee of one euro to add a pocket to your mask. 

How do I wash my mask? 

Just pop it in any wash of 40 degrees. Should come out nice and fresh. It's good mask etiquette to wash every day or after some use. Make sure it is dry before use again. If your mask gets wet at all change it. 

Any tips? 

Maybe have a plastic bag for your mask to keep it clean until you need to use it, and another for used masks. 

It also can keep them dry in pockets or bags.